Change My Mind
(warning! this is live and might not be exact) ha!

You don’t like this
You don’t like that
It’s all I hear from you

You tell me how you know what’s good for everyone but yourself
You can’t see the fear that’s in your eyes

Open up my friend
Come on, sit right down
Tell me all of your fears

Get it off your chest
Put your mind to rest
Let’s try and make it all clear

You complain in a universal style
You relate by bringing the mood down

You don’t grow you just keep picking the pieces up
You don’t change, you expect the world to stop

It's time you realize you don’t have it figured out
You probably never will
Except your fate it’s time to make a change
You’ve been stuck like this for so long

Change my mind
Heal my soul
Increase control


from This Is Real - Live At Post Road Tavern, released July 25, 2013


all rights reserved



Paul Chase Jr Portland

Paul Chase Jr is a songwriter and performer since 1992. He feels passionate about world issues and struggles. He is often provoked by news, radio and social media to write. Paul says, "There seems to be an endless stream of things to write about. So many ideas and struggles move me." Paul Chase Jr's new album "What Is Real" on Itunes and Spotify in March 2013. Watch for his band "Syndicate19." ... more

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